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Decorating Ideas

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Some of my favorite places to look for design ideas [11 Feb 2007|09:20am]
are the interior designer's own business websites. I found a professional pattern site that I've used with great success ( http://www.decoratenowpatterns.com ). It's those trade secret sites that have the best ideas! I'm doing my windows now, if you can't tell. I'll share some more sites later.

clutter & organization [23 May 2006|12:40am]

Hello, I am new to the community. :)
I wrote a 3-part series on clutter & organization if anyone is curious. I have them posted in a new website that I am writing for. The info and links are posted in my Lj: http://write-a-way.livejournal.com/578.html
Hope it motivates you to cut your clutter and free up space in your place! :)
(I posted this in 2 other communities as well)

Help. [08 Jun 2005|11:32am]
Hey guys,
I am moving into my first apartment pretty soon and I needed some advice about paint colors and themes. I've decided on a few items that will go into this room... perhaps that will help.

I will have an Iron cast sleigh bed... looks very Italian, two picture frames... Black frames with paintings from the Renaissance period. I have two lamps... Porcelain China white and blue. I have a gold comforter and gold satin drapes... all things I've taken from my parents house.

I also have crown molding in the room and it is only 10 by 14 with one large window.

Any advice on themes and a color to paint the room would be much appreciated!! Just not coffee or beige... thats been my room color for the past fifteen years. THANKS!

Do you have a design problem in your home? [06 Jun 2005|02:56pm]

We are developing a new series for a cable network that looks to tackle design problems/mistakes. You send us your video/photos of what you need us to tackle and we’ll either work out the problem in our studio OR come visit your home and help you tackle the problem.

We are currently looking for three subjects. The problems should be small in scope – a chair that is in dire need of a makeover, a room that needs to be better organized, a space that is lacking in color inspiration, etc.

Have something in mind? Send a brief description and photo, along with your daytime telephone number and email to the address below. We will review submissions and contact you if your project is one we may wish to tackle.


[22 Mar 2005|03:04pm]

well heres an update on my room

i took down alot of the things on the walls and now my room seems more spacious. I found some seashells, sand dollars, and a star fish and decorated one of my shelves with that. I also hot glued sea shells to the fronts of a few shelves and around my mirror. It turned out well. i was also thining of painting some things on my wall, such a a palm tree, sun, shells, etc, like beach things. what do you think?


Ideas? (X-posted) [19 Mar 2005|10:45pm]

Hey everyone
I would like to redo my bedroom, i like the colors, and i dont think the furniture can move around much, but i was thinking about replacing some of the decorations and accessories. Right now the wall are painted a light blue and a light purple. My bedspread is bright and has beaches on it and i was thinking about making my room have a beach theme. I have 2 dressers ( both serving different purposes) that are white, as well as a desk with a mirror above it that somewhat serves as a vanity, as well as a bookcase, all are white. i saw an idea in a decorating magazine about adding a ribbon trim to your dressers to liven them up. IDK ill take any ideas. Is there any things i could make, for example out of shells, sand etc, to make my room more tropical/surf/beachy. Any ideas are welcome. Thanks so much. and if anyone would like to see pictures, i can take some and post them.
<3 Kristen


First Post [19 Mar 2005|10:39pm]

Hello aspiring decorators

I being one myself am looking for some decorating ideas as well as looking for some people to share some ideas I have with. I would love it if you joined this community.


<3 Kristen

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